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I see so many conflicting testimonials about airbrushed makeup – Could some of the conflict be that they had the WRONG formula used on them?!  I havecompletely different formulas in my “onsite kit” alone – 1 for oily skin, 1 for dry, 1 for a semi matte & 1 for tattoo or extreme scar cover – Now imagine if I only carried a “dry skin formula” with me and had an oily skinned client…..ick – not with my name attached to it!!!  


Matte makeup – no shine


Onsite Muse does not charge extra for a.b. makeup, but many MUA do – It’s important to know the facts about this product/technique.  It is not just the airbrush machine that makes it different, it is the actual makeup itself!
Dewy makeup – note slight shine on cheeks

The truth is – Airbrushed makeup has been around since the 1930s – A.B. Makeup (especially foundation) is a favorite of professionals for a reason – It’s AWESOME!  Here are some benefits:

  • It (should) look and feel like there is nothing on .  This makes it perfect for the person who is not used to wearing makeup, but has a special event they need to be gussied up for.


  • It is tear and sweat resistant – The ultimate reason we love it at weddings – Cry tears of joy, your foundation isn’t going anywhere!


  • It stays put – This is very handy when we are airbrushing away tan lines, tattoos, bruises, scars, etc.  There is no fear that it will smudge all over your gown AND it won’t get all over the clothes of people you hug!  Also, you’ll look as great at the end of the night as the beginning.


  • It can be translucent or opaque – The difference in the prep and chosen formula can give you less coverage or more. This is AMAZING on freckled skin!  To much coverage on a freckled face can make you look like your head was stuck on someone else’s body!  A.B. makeup can soften the freckle OR cover it.


  • There are formulas for everyone – If you need more hydration, or like the look of a “dewy” complexion, there’s a dry-skin formula, if you want to be matte, there’s an oily formula!


wedding hair/makeup: Kira & Amber for Onsite Muse, Rock the dress shoot: Maren Delaney Photography-airbrushed foundation in record breaking heat (I’m not kidding)

I LOVE to first, conceal any imperfections on my client’s face, then airbrush a base foundation, then highlight and contour – This technique “locks in” the concealor.  The airbrush gun blows a cool mist of the specially formulated makeup onto the skin – The makeup can be applied precisely where I want it and “drifted” off to blend it without any lines.  By using the a.b. formula to highlight and contour, it lends a “softness” to the final look.  This leaves you looking flawless and NOT caked on, or striped. – Just natural. 

pinup hair/makeup Kira for Onsite Muse, Photo: Candy Coughlin Photography

  You can also get a believable bronzed glow that won’t rub off on everyone you hug!  In my experience, it’s hard to find a bronzer that doesn’t have some type of glittery-glow to it – It’s important to for-go alot of shimmer if you’ll be photographed, as the flash can bounce off glitter and leave you looking super oily and/or dirty ( this holds true for some makeup with SPF as well!!)  By having your m.u.a. airbrush your bronzer on, you’ll look like you just came from the beach, not bar close!

 Give it a try – We love it and I’m sure you will too!   

Ciao Bella! xoxoxo,
Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse

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Your BFF: Airbrushed Makeup

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