Gone are the days where a glamorous photoshoot left you with caked-on grease makeup!  Today’s Professionals are equipped with makeup lines built for REAL people – You could go on a first date after a photo shoot and look like yourself !  Our kits include primers & line smoothers,  faux-lashes ( in every length & thickness ) airbrush foundations ( for every skin tone, texture, & for tatttoo cover-up ) and just about anything else that has “just come out” as the creme de la creme

The Third Image Photography, Vintage updo hair/makeup Kira McCarty

The Professional Hair & Makeup Artists who are hired for photography or film have a specialty.  Having been trained in bone structure, shading concepts, color theory, light theory, etc, they are in a class all their own.  They have the knowledge to balance the texture and look you want captured in film, while giving you a beautiful “in person” look as well.

Laura Ivanona Photography Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty

The recent Royal Wedding had everyone a buzz about Kate doing her own makeup –  Did you know that she had taken Professional Makeup Classes through famed makeup guru Bobbi Brown  to gear up for the event?  This is a wonderful way to learn techniques & about the best products for your big day – Many women are opting for a bridal party makeup class instead of hiring a mua.  This fun event saves money and gives them skills for the long run. Ask your favorite Professional Hair or MUA about opportunities!

For those of you not into taking classes – Hiring a Professional to pamper you at your next event can leave you with so much peace of mind!  The average woman doesn’t want to spend her time running from makeup counter to makeup counter buying expensive products for a 1 day event.  Nor does she want/need one more thing to do on her big day!  Having a Pro MUA or Hairstylist who will go to your location can be wonderful, luxurious and relaxing!  We take all the guess work out of it – You just need to head out the door, feeling confident and beautiful!   

Professionals work very well off of “inspiration” pictures – wording can be up for interpretation: like the woman who said she preferred a “natural look,” which ended up being: smokey cat-eye & HOT pink lips!  A picture of that would have saved alot of  time.  For those who can’t decide on a look, or just want a professional opinion of what would look great on them, I give you :  The Trial Run.

Emily Christine Photography Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty

Trial run 101:  These are done 1 week – 2 months ahead of the event.  One of the most important factors in a trial run ( aside from loving your hair / makeup ) is that you love your Artist!  Finding a new Artist in a pinch is hard to do, so the 2 month time slot may be good for this reason.  A trial is an awesome way to pin point the specifics of the desired look and play around with suggestions.  The Artist can help lead you with their experience – Make sure you are open and honest with them so they don’t lead you away-  The trial is about YOU!   It is a wonderful way to have you &  your Artist on the same page!

Emily Christine Photography,Wedding Down-Do Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty

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Kira McCarty
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Why Hire a Professional Hair or Makeup Artist?

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