Okay, I have to call her out:  

Li-Lo, Step away from the bronzer! 

 It doesn’t seem like that long ago, that I would praise Miss Lohan for being one of the most beautiful girls in Hollywood – a natural beauty even – Unfortunately the experimentation phase in her life has drifted into her makeup bag, leaving her looking much older than her years, and basically unrecognizable.  Lindsay dear, if the latest ” bronzer gone over-board ” look you displayed in court was done to you, not by you, FIRE your MUA pronto! ” 

image c/ostyleite.com 
 At first, I was in denial – Could she really have left the house like that?!  Perhaps it was the lighting…  then I saw countless other photos – indoors, outdoors, everywhere that showed off the same war-paint (and let’s save the brows for another day )

 Ugh, it’s as if she’s trying to signal Snookie!

image c/omrswentzda1st.buzznet.com 


image c/oJ–S–S on deviantART

Perhaps she was just cast in a zombie film?

Let’s review some helpful tips for adding contour or just a good ol’ fashion natural glow to our skin:

1.  Darker colors recede.  This means that where you apply a darker color next to a lighter base, the darker of the two will look “sunken” or “indented” – See the zombie picture for an example of this effect on the eyes and cheeks .

2.  To make your cheek bones more pronounced, apply a slightly darker color under them – Like tip #1, the reason Li-Lo’s cheeks look zombie-ish is that her bronzer is applied on top of her cheek bones ( not to mention on a harsh diagonal line ) If the bronzer was blended slightly below the  cheek bone, she would get more “pop” out of her natural bone structure.

3.  Avoid bronzers with alot of shimmer – They can make your face look dirty! * See example: Li-Lo above * A little glimmer can be pretty, but if your bronzer has alot of shimmer/glitter, beware that the slightest amount of light can bounce off of it leaving you looking like a BP oil spill! * Avoid at all costs if you will be photographed with the flash on! *

4.  BLEND!!!  Think of bronzed beauties like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez – Both use bronzer, and both have a gorgeous, healthy glow about them. Whether you are using bronzer to contour or just to add a little color, blend it into the skin around the initial application – Just say no to war paint!

image c//owomenhaircuts.net

image c/ohothollywoodinfo.blogspot.com
Awww, that’s better!  Pass it on 🙂

A PSA from:  Kira McCarty of Onsite Muse 
When Bronzer goes BAD ( and when it is BEAUTIFUL )

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