The morning of a wedding is usually comprised of a gleeful Bride who’s running on 3 hours of sleep.  I swear the bridal witching hour is 5:30 a.m. and Mother’s of the Bride/Groom rarely get past that as well.   I have heard a trillion “up til 2 am” stories of festivities, and it’s completely normal (and smart) to have cases of Red Bull on hand for the Big Day.
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Family and friends ordering the Bride to “eat something, anything!”  A hilarious groomsman story or long lost friend’s sordid adventure from the day prior usually makes it’s way in as well.  $7 “hotel water”/shots/mimosas/beer, its all power for the course or the hair of the dog 😉 We’ve seen it all (believe me, ALL!)
Whatever the day brings, we can make you look bright eyed, and bushy tailed as a newborn babe.  Under eye circles – what circles?!  Mysterious bruises – what bruises? In other words, our makeup artists are bomb diggity and by the way, do not watch the weather channel while you are getting ready!  Please for the love of, do not!  I suggest “hip hop barbeque” on Pandora, or Amy Winehouse radio, or 80s hits, anything but weather or news reports.  It’s a party celebrating love after all!
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Inspired by You,
Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse Hair + Makeup Artists
Bridal updo hairstylist experts, airbrush and lashes makeup artists
Twin Cities, MN and St. Augustine, FL

vendors: thumbtack – Check it out 🙂
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Wedding day transformation – The morning of…

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