Preview services are wonderful – You get to meet your hair and/or makeup artist, try out a few looks, and hopefully have a fabulous place to go afterwards!

Not every Bride needs (or wants) one – I think it is very important to know that there is NO PRESSURE to get one.  As long as you have a photo of the look you want, our team can work beautifully off of that alone.  A trial run is perfect for the Bride who is curious about how the style will look on them.  It’s also great for those who are between a couple of looks, and those who have been told by others that ” their hair won’t do that style” (to which we almost always prove wrong!)

A picture is worth a million words!!!  Yes, yes, we can work off of “sign language” – Where you wave your hands in a ballerina motion above your head to describe volume, or make a face when describing the lipstick colors you loathe.  Yet always, a picture will do all of that for you.  Pinterest has been a fave for hairstyles and makeup desires, as well as google images, and the knot. – I want to make the most of your time and mine, getting a clear direction from the start will help get your desired look.

I love to take the inspiration pictures and shift them to better suit my client’s face shape, hair texture, etc.  When a Bride is caught between 2 looks, we can take the desired elements that differ, and combine them for a customized style that she will love!

example of inspiration updo pic, followed by variations at actual trial run to suit Bride’s final desire for a side style,  Here is the final look on the day-of:
The end result: beautiful,  polished and romantic!

During the trial run, I tend to go “light” on the products, until we have a fair idea of the desired end result.  By doing this, I can easily shift the style to my client’s satisfaction and show her many options.  Once we are set on a particular look, the Bride will often wear it home * Some Brides want their style to remain a secret, so I will send them out with a completely different look instead 🙂

If you have a particular way that you have-to-have your mascara or bangs, etc, bring us a picture so we don’t stray from your personal style.  If you’ll be more confident by doing that item yourself, go for it! I’ll never forget the lovely, freckled, red head who declared she wanted “natural makeup” (sans inspiration picture,) in the end, she pulled out her hot pink lipstick, and black liquid-liner:  She drew a fat black cat eye and said, ” This is what I meant…”

Remember:  When trying a couple of styles, you may have fly-away hairs from over working your hair and lighter products.  We may layer on a bit more eye shadow than normal if you decide to try out a last minute “smokey” look – Not to worry, on your wedding day, you will be picture perfect!

Ciao Bellas! xoxoxo,
Kira McCarty
Your Onsite Muse Hair and Makeup Artist

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Trial Runs / Preview Services

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