We LOVE when our Brides/Photographers/Clients tell us that they wore their hairdo for a few days after the event!  The trick is to provide an amazing support base for your style – Rely on the right products and you won’t need 10 lbs of bobbi-pins holding you together

hair/makeup:Kira McCarty, Lura Ivanova Photographya

Here are our team’s top 3 favorites:

1.  The All time favorite for maximizing volume:  Big Sexy Hair’s Powder Play
sprinkle it in, and watch  your hair become matte and voluminous!

2.  To protect and provide a great hold on “hard to curl hair:”  Kenra’s Hot Spray
Spritz on before heat!

3.  For a “stop a bird in flight” finish:  Kenra’s Volume Spray 25
humidity resistant, your hair aint goin’ anywhere!

***Warning:  Trying these at home will result in styles that have to be washed out, not fall out 😉


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Ciao Bellas, xoxoxo
The Hair-do that Won’t Quit!

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