One of the few jobs,where we hope the Bride isn’t a repeat customer – Unless she’s
in an upcoming friend’s wedding!  As on-site Artists, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth and recommendations.  Here’s a beautiful review sent in about Muse Artist, “Amber Walker:”

“Amber is not only an unbelievablly talented hair/makeup artist, but also the consummate professional. I have worked with her during her tenure at General Mills and at her own studio and she is always forward-thinking and creative. Not only did she meet expectations, she went the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction. Amber uses her talents to develop the perfect ‘look’ for every situation and can easily think on her feet. Amber has proven her ability to work with all types of personalities (creatives, fashionistas and business professionals) and never disappoints. She would be a valuable addition to any team.”

Way to go Amber!
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We love serving you Twin Cities and St. Augustine! 

Ciao Bellas, xoxoxoxo,
Your Onsite Muse Team

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