Winter is a killer to skin – chapped lips, “snake-skin legs,” ashy, ugh!  I have an awesome, high quality – yet wonderfully inexpensive “cheat” product for you:  Olive Oil!

There are many ways to use olive oil topically – from using a tiny amount “straight up” to tame frizzy hair, to adding a drop to your favorite moisturizer to add a boost of hydration!  

My auntie Norma has a beautiful olive grove in Italy, and reaps the rewards of her bounty.  Here are some tricks for you to try:

Mascara/Makeup Remover:  Rub oil on, and tissue off – It’s that simple!

Exfoliant:  Mix oil with sugar into a loose paste. Rub on moistened skin and rinse off.  This simple, lipid infused, glycolic scrub is amazing on dry skin & lips!

Faux-lash Remover:  Work oil into adhesive and faux-lashes will come right off *extra benefit:  conditioned natural lashes!

Let the inspiration begin!

Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse

Sugar Lips

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