Here’s a little some-some for the mothers – or “M.O.B.” (mother-of-bride) and “M.O.G.” (mother-of-groom) out there.  It seems to me that the mothers are the humblest when it comes to getting their hair or makeup done – The main goal is to “not make them look like their mothers,” or age them/date them in any way.  I COMPLETELY recognize this fear as valid.  There are way to many stylists out there who don’t have experience with a “seasoned” woman, and automatically give them curly-dos (or don’ts) and “grandmaesque” makeup.  

A great way to avoid this is to find a picture of hair and makeup that you like ( a picture is worth 1000 words! ) but in the hustle-bustle of wedding planning, it can be hard to find the time to focus on anyone other than the betrothed.  I am here to help.  Ladies, I want you to know that we are here to make you look and feel your BEST, so here are some “style icons” who might inspire your upcoming event look.  Enjoy!

Helen Mirren:  Simply Gorgeous.  Her hair will have body, but nothing to curly.  The look is youthful and pretty.  The side bang is a great way to slim and soften the face, and draw attention to her eyes.

Here is the back/side – Remember that Helen’s hair is a chin length bob – The possibilities are endless!  Now take a look at the similarities between Helen’s updo and the inspiration picture ala Bridgette Bardot ( below)

Barbara Walters:  Classic and safe – She has a signature “look” which she rarely strays from (probably because it works so well!)  Like Helen Mirren, Babb’s hair is styled with body, NOT curl.  Her bangs are left long and layered and take years away by covering imperfections on the forehead, while lending direction towards her eyes.  She typically wears a “smokey eye” with black liner.  The outer corners are drawn up (like a “soft” cateye) Brows are well defined and full. 

I LOVE the peekaboo shoulder on her!

Paula Deen:  No matter what size, or controversy, she always looks great!  Faux-lashes, black lined/smokey eyes and a rose colored lip.  Her hair is styled with volume and is “piecey.”  The layers styled towards her face give a slimming effect, and yet again…Bangs!

Ciao Bellas! xoxoxo,
Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse Hair & Makeup Artists

pictures courtesy of google images

Sexy – at any age

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