This is my yearly P.S.A. for future brides:  Your dress and/or veil may be to long to hang in a hotel closet!  As a Professional Hair & makeup Artist, I am used to working with creative spaces – I’ve done makeup miles into a rainforest and hung wardrobe on trees…

Donae Cotton Photography,  Hair and Makeup Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse

I’ve made hair magnificent in the middle of a city’s alleyway photo-shoot ( during record breaking heat!) carrying accessories and garments as we moved block to block…

Maren Delaney Photography

Maren Delaney Photography, Hair & Makeup: Kira & Amber for Onsite Muse

 I’ll be the first to tell you, finding an appropriate place to hang your dress in a hotel or wedding venue can be the ultimate challenge!

Alas, here is your Plan B:  Command Hooks

There have been so many weddings where the dress or the veil is to long for the closet rod, or top of the door, or curtain rod….and yes…I have watched in horror as they gingerly hung the beloved garments on the hotel’s fire sprinkler – waiting to exhale…Well no more, I need to stop the insanity!

The Command hooks are sold just about everywhere and are nice looking and cheap!  They need about a half hour to “set up,” and with a quick pull, they come right off!  *  Make sure you buy one that can withstand the weight of your garment *


Now, back to hair & makeup…..xoxoxo,
Kira McCarty, Your Onsite Muse Artist

PSA: Curtain Rods & Fire Sprinklers Are No Place For a Wedding Dress

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