Minnesota needs to be handled with kid gloves when it comes to wedding weather – Usually January/February are far to cold, March is snowy, then slushy (who wants to drag their dress through melting snow) April is okay… but kicking in May and June, we are good to go!  Woot-Woot!
Maren Delaney Photography & Onsite Muse Rock the Dress Shoot Minneapolis

The change in weather brings changes in how our skin and hair behave.  Here are some tips to help you through:
1.  DRINK WATER!  If our body is suppose to be 80% water, yet we aren’t consuming a healthy dose, things go wonky:  bad breath, dehydrated ( wrinkly looking ) skin, pimples, shine, fatigue, etc.  
One size does not fit all!  Forget 8 glasses a day – Use this rule of thumb:  Drink half your body weight in ounces (if you weigh 100 lbs, drink 50 ounces a day!)
2.  Exfoliate!  Furnace been on?  Work in an office with a/c?  Your skin is probably paying the price!  To get those old, dried out, & dead skin cells off, use an exfoliant a few times a week.  You will see a HUGE difference in appearance, and reaction – Less layers of dead skin cells = less clogged up pores!

We recommend and LOVE Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant – gentle and incredible!

3.  Re-Conditioner!  At least once a week, do or get a deep conditioning treatment on your hair.  You will see less split ends, less color fading, better styling!

We can custom blend one for you at Onsite Muse Salon, or use these helpful hints for at home:

Dry, Brittle, Static-city, but can hold a curl like no-one’s business: Your hair needs HYDRATION, look for a moisturizing conditioner.

Limp, Flat, and Can’t hold a curl: Your hair needs to be PUMPED UP, look for a protein rich conditioner.

Minneapolis summer wedding, hairstyle & makeup by Onsite Muse, Maren Delaney Photography

Our favorite time of year: Wedding season!

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