There are sooooo many makeup influencers on the web who can either help…or destroy your makeup routine.  In a world where stage makeup aka 3 layers of foundation baked on to your skin is becoming acceptable to walk around town with, we are here to the rescue! 

Makeup Class at Onsite Muse Studio

Moms, dads, aunties!  Send your littles to us for a skin and makeup (age appropriate) class – We’ll make it a party.  We invite you /them to bring your makeup bag and let’s dive in – Ever hold on to a turquoise shadow because you MIGHT use it one day?! – Yeah, we hear ya, we can help.

Teen Makeup Class with Onsite Muse

Email us today to set up a makeup class for your tween / teens / bachelorette / yourself!

Makeup Class Fun!

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