Wedding Season creates a huge demand for long-lasting lip colors – Which is why I’m always on the hunt for the latest and greatest to recommend to you!  The last post I did for you on Kiss Proof Lip Color, featured some tried and true classics ( like mac’s longwear lipcolours ) and a consumer report celebrating the lasting power ( and price ) of Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain and Balm.  

I’ve been testing 2 “new” “long-lasting” lip products.  Here’s my discovery:

Stila’s Lip & Cheek Stain: A 1 stop shop for lips and cheeks.

The Good: The range of gorgeous colors are delightful, and the brush on application was easy.  

The Bad and some more good:  The term “stain” is relative…I have found products that have lasted longer, but Stila’s formula didn’t dry my lips out as much as most of the long-wears/stains do.   

My color recommendation for a Bride:  Coconut Crush – A bronzey, rose-gold

Over all, I am a fan!

Maybelline Supstay 14 Hour Lipstick:  When I heard that there was a new lip-STICK on the market, I wanted to try it asap!  Lipsticks are great because they feel creamy, not sticky, and the tubes are easy to stash in the tiniest of purses.  Unfortunately, despite MANY ( online ) raving reviews, I was disappointed with the product.  

The Good:  The colors were lovely, as was the matte finish.  I liked the fruity smell ( although, many reviewers thought it was over powering ) and, it wasn’t terribly drying.

 The Bad:  It didn’t last.  I wear lipstick or a stain every day, and I can confidentially say that minus eating and drinking, my Aveda Nourish-Mint Lip Color lasts just as long as this “14 hour stick.”  – Yes, I said minus eating and drinking – The reason I blatantly disregard this detail, is that the “Superstay” gave way to a weird/gritty texture as the day went on – Although it mostly stayed put, colored “grains” did come off on my drinking glass, and it wore off in a couple of hours – as any lipstick would.

Sadly, I am not a fan.

Honorable Mention:  Aveda’s Nourish-Mint Lip Colors are not “long-wears,” but, they are delicious on your lips, and hold up nicely ( so long as you don’t wipe them off! )

Color to check out:  Blushed Honey, a cool, bronze rose with high shimmer.

A great piece of advice I can pass on is this:  If you are buying a lipcolor for 1 big event – and probably won’t wear it again – Don’t be afraid to go-cheap.  There are MANY  lip stains at the drug/super stores that will last as long as the department store brands, for under $10. When in doubt, buy a cheap one and try it out ahead of time!  

If you would like a “better” brand, go to your local Sephora ( in most major malls ) and try several out!  Sephora is awesome, because you can test everything out before you buy it, and they have friendly makeup artists on hand to lead you in the right direction!

Happy shopping !

Ciao Bella, xoxoxo
Kira McCarty 

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