There’s an old fear when it comes to weddings – Who’s children will go to college after the event: Yours, or your vendors?!!!!  The temptation to go over budget is abound, which is why I want to lead you to the glorious website: **  This is not your neighborhood thrift store, we’re talking moderate, to over-the-top designer lines, with all the whimsy you can handle in-between!**

I have always LOVED this site, but after reading the hilarious antics of the founder/owner’s own nuptials in the Huffington Post, it was hook, line and sinker.

Other AMAZING wedding re-do sites we love:  *beware, this site is addictive!*

Let the inspiration begin!

inspired by you, xoxoxo
Kira McCarty for Onsite Muse

Going Green – The Recycled Wedding!

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