hair/makeup: Kira McCarty, Photographer: Janelle Elise

Q:  Your Big Day is coming up, when should you have your trial run?
A:   The best time to have a trial is within 2 months of your wedding.  This time period will give us a similar hair length to the wedding day, and ample time to address any beauty challenges and suggest solutions.  Another reason to have your trial run sooner than later, is that it gives you an opportunity to meet your stylist/mua!  

Q:  I have oily skin, what can I do to reduce shine?
A:  I am an advocate of having a cleansing routine.  To treat all skin challenges, use an appropriate cleanser,toner, moisturizer, and exfoliant.  Oily skin is genetic and can be minimized by treating it “gently” – There is a myth that you should use harsh scrubs and exfoliants to minimize the oil.  What Dermatologists will tell you is that this will only aggravate your skin which can lead to break outs, redness and more shine!  Oily skin has a great response to staying hydrated – lack of water in your system can lead to an imbalance on your skin of oil compensating for sweat glands – the result?- More shine, more break out.  Treat it care, drink water, and you will see results!

Q: When should I color my hair prior to the wedding?
A:  1 ½- 2 weeks prior to the wedding is perfect for a retouch.  You will have shiny, even toned hair which will look beautiful. 

hair/makeup: Kira McCarty, Photographer: Janelle Elise

Q:  Should I do airbrushed foundation?
A:  Here are a few of the benefits of an airbrushed foundation.  
1. It feels and looks like you have no makeup on.
2. It is water resistant (think wedding tears or April showers)
3. There are 2 to choose from – water based or silicone – both are hypo-allergenic, but give different looks.  The water based tends to give a matte appearance while the silicone can look more “dewy.”
4. It lasts a VERY long time – No “disappearing” makeup with these formulas! 
5.  See our blogpost: Airbrushed Makeup

Q:  Is it okay to spray tan before my wedding?
A:  A spray tan can look great.  I suggest doing your first/last spray 3 days prior to the wedding.  This will help you avoid any “rub off” on your dress!

Q:  My skin is sensitive, should I have my makeup done?
A:  This is a situation where a trial run 2 months prior to the wedding can be helpful.  Professional Makeup Artists are passionate about the brands they use, their tools, and sanitation – This can provide peace of mind that you won’t have hyper-allergenic cosmetics on your skin, but a “test run” can solidify it.  If you are unsure of a product and are on a limited time line, you can have the Artist do a “patch test” on you.  This involves placing a small amount of the product behind your ear or inner fold of your elbow.  Check the spot after 24 hours to assess any irritation.

hair/makeup: Kira McCarty, Photographer: Janelle Elise

Q:  Can I wash my hair the morning of the wedding?
A:  It is very common for Modern Brides to work out the morning of their wedding, which can lead to sweaty hair.  Yes, you CAN shampoo your hair!  Professional hair products can give the Artist the texture to have your updo stay all day – We just request that your hair be dryed prior to your appointment – We want to spend time on the details, not the blow dry!

Q:  What should I bring to the wedding to maintain my look?
A:  Although the Artist will have you prepped, primed and picture perfect, it is always a good idea to purchase a lipstick, and blotting papers to “touch-up” your look and keep you polished.  

hair/makeup Kira McCarty, Photography: Janelle Elise

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