Donae Cotton PhotographyBliss Wedding & event Planning, MPLS Vintage Wedding Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty for Onsite MUSE

When I had (then future) Bride “Becca Sullivan” contact me, frantic that her trial-run with a different company didn’t go as planned for her vintage-themed wedding, I just had to help her out!  Referred by famed Photographer Donae Cotton ( who”s specialty is vintage weddings ) and wedding planner/event stylist Bliss Wedding & Event Planning, I knew this wedding was going to be something special – The Bride was wearing her Grandmother’s actual 1930s wedding dress after all!

Here are some beautiful pictures from the wedding, enjoy!

Donae Cotton Photographyy, Bliss Wedding & Event Planning, Minneapolis Vintage Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty forOnsite MUSE

Donae Cotton Photography, Bliss Wedding & Event Planning, Twin Cities Retro Hair/Makeup Kira McCarty for MUSE

Fingerwaves are a specialty:  Not for amateurs.  It is important to find a Stylist who specializes in them,  in order to get the most out of your time & money!  If your Stylist doesn’t have fingerwaves in their portfolio, have a trial run well ahead of time, as it may prove difficult to find a replacement Stylist on short-order ( Especially one who is talented in vintage looks! ) 

Donae Cotton PhotographyBliss Wedding & Event Planning, fingerwaved hair/vintage makeup Kira McCarty for MUSE

There are so many ways to achieve fingerwaves * One size does not fit all! *  Here is another example of “vintage” fingerwaves, this time with pin curls  – Notice that I did not use a side part on the Bride, and the waves are more “structured” and tight compared to Becca’s (above)  This difference in look is purely up to the individual’s taste and the final style they want to show off on their big day!

Third Image Photography, Minneapolis Vintage Hair/Makeup: Kira McCarty

Third Image Photography, Minnesota Vintage Hair/Makeup: Kira Mccarty

Whether you want traditional fingerwaves, soft, full waves, or a “modern,” loose fingerwave, a picture is always worth a thousand words – Bring a few to your Stylist for inspiration, to get the exact look you want!

Have a wonderful wedding! xoxoxo,

MUSE . inspired by you .

Fingerwaves for a Vintage Wedding

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