vintage wedding hair makeup Cathi for onsite muse. maren delaney photography
The ultimate goal is to have our clients look so good, that they exude confidence beyond the event.  In order to feel confident, it is imperative that we ( the hair / makeup artist ) have a clear understanding of the ” look ” they desire…Enter the ” inspiration pictures! “
Amber and Kira behind the scenes of “rock the dress maren delaney photography 

Great sources: 

  1. Thank goodness for Google Image Search – The old-school/so easy your Grandma can navigate it hot spot –  Where you can type in any combo of words and have an image appear!  – Want a vintage updo/ – whalla, here are 20 to choose from – yay!  
  2. Pinterest  Beware:  You may spend hours here it’s so wonderful!  This site is like having a photo magazine custom made for you – Like a google image search bounty of only beautiful stuffs.  “Pin” your favorite photos to “boards” (think cork board filled w/ tear outs) and organize away the lovliness.
  3. The Knot  the curl up in bed magazine to swoon over, also has an online “wedding hair ideas” page – check it out.
  4. Any good old fashion magazine:  Cut your fave pics out and bring them to your trial run/event/or photo-shoot.  No muss, no fuss.

Now here’s where it gets tricky:   

  • Be realistic – We want you to look as much like your inspiration picture as you can – but if Paris Hilton walked in with a picture of Kim Kardashion…the look would need to be modified to better fit Paris’s natural coloring.  It may have the same “feel,” or genre, but it will look different on her than the picture.
  • All angles –  It never fails, Someone has found the hairstyle of their dreams, and brings in 10 pictures showing JUST the back.  1 or 2 pics expressing the dream hairstyle’s back is great, 2 more to show how you’d like the front is absolutely AMAZING – Believe me, I know it’s hard, but it’s terrifying when you have an hour to get to your event and you don’t like the way your hair looks in the front!!!  
back of mad men -esque hair and makeup:hair/makeup Kira McCarty, melissa oholendt photography
front of mad men inspired hair / makeup hair/makeup Kira McCarty, melissa oholendt photography
  • This rule definitely applies to makeup – I too LOVE the closed-eye or downward-eye shots that are all over pinterest.  The thing is, eyes look TOTALLY different when they are open.  Unless you plan on sleeping through your event, bring in some open eyed pictures – A closed-eye picture may have all the right colors, blending, and false lashes, but may look like a heavily-lined smokey eye when open = That’s no-buenos if you are looking for a doe-eyed “fresh” look.

makeup by Lianna of onsite muse 

open AND closed eye-makeup on our Beautiful  Bride, ” Bri!”  Makeup by Lianna for onsite muse
Ciao Bellas, happy hunting! xoxoxo,
Fine Tuning Your Inspiration Hairstyle and Makeup

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