What are the minimum amount of services needed to book?

We require 2 full services / or a minimum of $180 in services to book our artists. The minimum does not include trial runs.

Are trial runs mandatory?

No! Trial runs are a great way to connect with your artists and try out your wedding look, but only around 20% of our brides actually have one.  We work very well off of inspiration photos.

What is airbrush makeup?

Our team uses Temptu Airbrush Makeup. Airbrushed makeup is a technique used to apply makeup via a fine mist.  The coverage can be as minimal or has heavy as one chooses. You can soften a freckle, or completely hide it based on the desired look. Temptu comes in different formulas for different skin types and finishes.  It is extremely long lasting (perfect for events) and due to it's brushless application, it is ideal for sensitive and acne prone skin. It is often used in conjunction with traditional makeup for a lightweight soft finish.

Is your makeup cruelty and gluten free?

Temptu Makeup is oil, Phtalate, Sulfate, Petroleum, Paraben and Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-comedogenic, and Hypoallergenic. Please let your artist know if you have medical needs such as celiac ahead of time.

Are you insured? My venue requires it.

Yes! We are insured and can provide a COI for your venue.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of $110 made within 24 hours of returning your contract completes your booking. Your deposit is then applied to your service total.

I don't know what services my bridesmaids want, when do I need to finalize my count for a schedule?

We suggest over estimating your numbers on your contract so we reserve enough artists ahead of time.

We complete final schedules 60 days before your event. The final schedule serves as your amended contract.  If your reservation is made within 60 days of your event, the services listed on your contract will stand as your final numbers. In the event that there is extra time, we are happy to add services.

Are your artists trained to work on all hair textures and skin colors?

Yes!  Our tidy team of professionally educated hair and makeup artists are trained to work on everyone.  Whether your skin is acne prone, wrinkled, purple, polka dotted, striped, etc, we show up prepared to give you the final look you desire. Most of our artists are or have been educators in major beauty schools or for national brands - We are the people who train others how to work on every texture and every color.

My venue is a 3 hour drive from your city, will you travel that far?

Yes! Our travel fee starts after the 20 mile radius from our city is purged. We charge $1 a mile round trip from that outer point.  If it is more than a 2 hour drive, lodging fees within a 20 mile radius of your venue may also apply. We try to minimize travel fees by booking our artists who do BOTH hair and makeup instead of 1 artist for each service.

mileage key: our city > your destination - 40 mile radius round trip = travel fee per artist.

My wedding is at sunrise, can you start at 5 a.m.?

Yes! Our job is to make your day easier.

When is the final payment due?

An invoice for all contracted services on the final schedule is due no later than 10 days before the event.

Is gratuity included?

No. Gratuity is appreciated for good service, and not included in our prices.

What if I don't like my trial run, can I get a refund?

A trial run is a value added service to "try out" your desired event looks - Our goal is to have our guests confident and beautiful on their big day, but even with the best artists servicing you, when it's all said and done, a hair/makeup style on a magazine model may not look the same on you. This is exactly why some people do a trial - to trial it, so no refund will be given. We only hire seasoned professionals who specialize in event hair and makeup. They will guide you to the best look with your personal and desired style in mind. Only around 20% of our guests schedule a trial run - the rest bring our artists "style inspiration pictures" on the big day.

Do you have a studio?

We have teams in 3 states ( MN, WI & FL) who are happy to go on location for you. We also have a makeup studio in NE Minneapolis we can host you at.  Please let us know if you need a getting ready space with one of our other teams and we will try to arrange one.

Do you have group rates?

Not at this time.

Do you have "off season pricing?"

Yes! Our Minnesota and Wisconsin teams offer a seasonal discount on trial runs. Book your trial run (Jan-March) for a discounted price of $175 for hair & makeup. If you are trialing makeup only or hair only,  the discounted price is $90 each.

Do you offer discounts in Florida?

Yes! Guests/friends of guests who are lodging at one of our partnered Airbnbs receive 15% off of services. Inquire at booking.

What if I have to cancel?

You are free to cancel without penalty up to 60 days prior to your event.

 If you cancel your appointment within 60 days of the contracted event date, or you are a no-show, the full amount of unpaid services contracted will be due upon receipt. Any unpaid balance will go to collections and processed to the fullest extent according to state law.