Onsite/Commercial Cosmetology

Are you currently working on a film or upcoming production? Have an editorial photoshoot? Filming a commercial? At Onsite Muse, we specialize in all things hair and makeup and would be happy to help with any of your commercial cosmetology needs. Onsite Muse regularly works alongside directors, P.R managers, photographers and even producers to create the looks they’ve been dreaming of. We can create looks from different styles, eras or even cultures to bring your ideas to life.

Onsite Theater - Film - Editorial - Commercial Hair Services

At Onsite Muse we love working with hair to create beautiful works of art. Whether you need a vintage look for your film, something from another era for your theater show or something modern and sophisticated for your editorial campaign, our hairstylists at Onsite Muse would be more than happy to help. Hourly and day rates for professional, commercial hair services are available upon request. Feel free to reach out!

Onsite Makeup Services - Theater - Film - Editorial - Commercial

Along with professional hair services, Onsite Muse also specializes in onsite makeup services for commercial work such as photoshoots, commercials, films or even theater productions. We can create customized looks based upon your ideas or mimic styles from other eras or even cultures. Regardless of your onsite, commercial makeup needs, Onsite Muse would be more than happy to help. Hourly and day rates for commercial makeup services are available upon request, contact Onsite Muse today to learn more and schedule your appointment.

Contact Our Commercial Hairstylists & Makeup Artists Today

Looking for professional makeup artists and hairstylists for your commercial needs? Onsite Muse would be more than happy to help and has years of experience in the industry. We look forward to working with you!