bb cream, cc cream, tinted moisturizers, the tried and true

I was one of the first to jump up and down over tinted moisturizers – I didn’t like full coverage foundations, but I wanted spf and I enjoyed a hint a coverage…just enough to soften my imperfections. onsite muse hair

Two Worlds Merge – Minneapolis Team goes to St Augustine for Annual Photoshoot!

 Hi Friends!  The Midwest’s “wedding season” is wrapping up quickly, so I finally have a moment to show you what we’ve been up to “behind the scenes!”   Every year, we partner with a fun, and fabulous Photographer to break out

Behold: The power of GOOD hair and makeup!

I was interviewed today by a photographer, who asked why someone should get our services.  I gave the usual benefits of long lasting airbrushed makeup, lashes, etc, but the bottom line, is the confidence someone exudes when they feel and