Lovely Long Hair Bridal Look

Onsite Muse co-owner Shaina Rae and hmua Teanna take great pride in their work, and it shows – When these beautiful photos came in of 2014 bride, “April” ( and her lovely bridal party,) I couldn’t wait to share them

bb cream, cc cream, tinted moisturizers, the tried and true

I was one of the first to jump up and down over tinted moisturizers – I didn’t like full coverage foundations, but I wanted spf and I enjoyed a hint a coverage…just enough to soften my imperfections. onsite muse hair

Two Worlds Merge – Minneapolis Team goes to St Augustine for Annual Photoshoot!

 Hi Friends!  The Midwest’s “wedding season” is wrapping up quickly, so I finally have a moment to show you what we’ve been up to “behind the scenes!”   Every year, we partner with a fun, and fabulous Photographer to break out

Behold: The power of GOOD hair and makeup!

I was interviewed today by a photographer, who asked why someone should get our services.  I gave the usual benefits of long lasting airbrushed makeup, lashes, etc, but the bottom line, is the confidence someone exudes when they feel and

It’s “Get to know your Onsite Muse Artist Day!” Twin Cities Wedding Hair and Makeup Artist: Shaina Rae

  We pride ourselves on having a tidy group of exceptional hair and makeup Artists. Professional, licensed, creative, and fun, our team members are wedding hair and makeup specialist – With all the bells and whistles! Today I’m introducing you to one

New 2nd Location! Onsite Wedding Hair & Makeup in St. Augustine, Florida!

Onsite Muse Hair and Makeup Artists are renown in the Twin Cities for gorgeous airbrushed foundations, vintage wedding looks, and the latest trends, all while on – location. We are now branching out with ‘Muse’ founder, “Kira McCarty” and trusted