-10 windchill in a vintage convertible

-10 windchill in a vintage convertible

onsitemuse.com Shooting in Minnesota is always a weather gamble – This shoot had us rolling (or shivering) with laughter and gusto. First, we planned a lovely “in-studio” shoot, featuring beautiful model/hairstylist, ” Mariah.”  With an edgy haircut with teal and

She’ll Leave You Dying for More! – Ode to 1960s Horror Mavens

Feeling nostalgic?  We certainly did when we started planning our annual commercial photo-shoot.  The end result was inspired by classic “B” movie thrillers from the 60s and 70s (Barbarella anyone?)  In our series, we thought, “Forget damsel in distress, our

Tell Us About Your Favorite Muse Artist!

One of the few jobs,where we hope the Bride isn’t a repeat customer – Unless she’s in an upcoming friend’s wedding!  As on-site Artists, we rely heavily on word-of-mouth and recommendations.  Here’s a beautiful review sent in about Muse Artist, “Amber Walker:” “Amber