Platinum, golden, strawberry, wheat and champagne, there are so many tones of blonde to choose from!  A few nights ago I was startled when Lisa Kudrow arrived on a late night talk show looking better than ever – The difference?? – Her platinum blonde locks had been  beautifully transformed into gorgeous, golden tresses in a medium hue!  My husband even remarked that she looked at least 10 years younger!


Rules can vary with haircolor – Usually if you have more pink than peachy/gold in your skin tone, and have blue vs. brown eyes, a “cool” tone, like platinum, or a “winter blonde” is desirable. As you can see from Lisa’s pics, adding a medium-golden base lets her blue eyes stand out – the way a yellow pillow would on a purple bed – You can experiment alot if you are willing to deepen the tone.  If Lisa tried a gold tone as light as her previous color, the end result would be washed out, and the light-golden blonde might be perceived as “yellowish” next to her cool complexion/eyes.

 Here is a pic of Jennifer Lopez with the WRONG tones, well, at least one to many > Her lipstick clashes with her warm toned highlights – Her face looks sallow & pale.  If she had more variation in haircolor, the lip color could have worked…


Now, here is the Jennifer Lopez we usually see – Her colorist sticks with customized caramel and neutral to cool-blonde tones.  This mimics Lisa Kudrow’s current color system ( could they be seeing the same stylist? )  Rather than saying ” Jennifer has golden skin, therefor she should only have gold and neutral toned hair, ” her colorists played up some of her highlights to reflect a “wheatier ” tone.

Carmen Electra is a great reference for what a tone can do to bring out your eye color – Notice how much bluer her eyes are when her color is deeper, richer, and warmer.  Classic color coordinating would assume that she’d look best with cool tones, but again, we see that by adding darker, golden lowlights, her eye color competes for attention – Looking brighter, deeper and vibrant!

She actually looks to monochromatic with the “correct” haircolor next to her skin & eyes:

Happy coloring!

Ciao Bella! xoxoxo

Blonde Bombshell, a Lesson in Tone

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