I was interviewed today by a photographer, who asked why someone should get our services.  I gave the usual benefits of long lasting airbrushed makeup, lashes, etc, but the bottom line, is the confidence someone exudes when they feel and look beautiful.  

*** Our goal is to have you look as beautiful in real-life, as you do in your photos – you know, before photo-shop! ***
vintage hair makeup by Kira McCarty of Onsite Muse, Candy Shoppe Pinup and Boudoir

hmua Kira and “model”Candy – hmua done, time for pics!

I had some fun with a couple of local Pin-up Photographers, who were “game” to let me post a “before photo,” along with their “afters.” Introducing Candy Coughlin of The Candy Shoppe Pinup and Boudoir – Photographed by Christie Williams of Grinkie Photography, AND vice versa!!! Remember, these ladies ARE the photographers – They are never in front of the camera, which is what made this project so much fun!

Candy photographed by Grinkie Photography:


…and here’s the vice-versa (same hair / makeup artist)

Christie photographed by Candy Shoppe Pinup and Boudoir:

Classy ladies!  One of the best things about “pinup,” is that it is still dramatic, fun and sexy, but there’s no pressure – Fun IS Sexy 😉
Ciao Bellas,
Your Onsite Muse Hair and Makeup Artist

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Behold: The power of GOOD hair and makeup!

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