I was one of the first to jump up and down over tinted moisturizers – I didn’t like full coverage foundations, but I wanted spf and I enjoyed a hint a coverage…just enough to soften my imperfections.

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My first and long time fave was Dermalogica’s tinted moisturizers.  I love Dermalogica because they are an esthetician education source that had to make products instead of the other way around. I stuck with these for years!

The next I tried was Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer.  It was nice, but over time I felt that it was a bit heavy feeling – Perhaps it was the humid summer air, (my clients in Arizona loved it) either way, I thought it was time to move on.
Then I found it – the latest and greatest – a shear tint that protected, healed and cleared blemished, fine lines, etc, BB Creams were here to stay!  I ran out and grabbed Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm and FELL IN LURVE!  It felt cool and velvety on my skin, and boasted to improve my face in 8 weeks.  I absolutely love this product, but alas, as a makeup artist, it is my duty to test new products, and with the hype around CC creams (not BB,) I had to see what the fuss was about. Onward to: Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream.

The claim to fame: An all-in-one antiaging treatment, sunscreen, complexion corrector, moisturizer, and tint.  I will say that the transition from my beloved bb cream to this one was drastic.  Perhaps if I went from a typical foundation to this I would have liked it more…My goal with the cc was to have more coverage and improve my skin.  I did get the coverage, but it reminded me of my old school liquid foundation – a far cry from something I would put on my face before taking the kids to the park!  Over time, I found my skin breaking out more – a usual side effect from products designed to improve ageing skin.  You see, although my skin IS definitely ageing, it also is prone to break outs – it’s, ugh.  I had to choose:  wrinkles or pimples 🙁  onward…

This time, rather than running back to Sephora, Ulta, or my Urban Decay Beauty Balm, I ventured….(dun, dun, DUN!) into the drug store.  I had a mission and I like research.  There used to be an AMAZING concealer by Physician’s Formula that would relax fine lines away in 10 minutes, and over time was clinically proven to improve the texture of your skin. (similar and in my opinion better, MUCH better than Dior’s “Diorskin Sculpt Smoothing lifting concealer”)  I used to want to bathe in this stuff, but it had been discontinued years ago.  I had a hunch that the bb & cc craze would prompt the brand to come up with something very similar to the last fave plus, plus, +    …and they did!  Ten fold!!!  My new/old(?) favorite:  Physician’s Formula BB Kit.

10+ Beauty Benefits: Smoothing, Moisturizing, Protecting, Firming, Priming + Filling, Perfecting, Concealing, Brightening, Line-Softening, Long-Wearing.  I saw an instant improvement – My horrid pimples were clearing rapidly, my hyper pigmentation (age/tan spots) were fading fast and it has that wonderful cooling, velvety feel I love about the Urban Decay product.  The extra bonus, is that it came with a liquid concealer that I swear tops the original muscle/line relaxing wonder, and although I typically don’t do powder unless I really need to be polished, it is light feeling and lovely.  Guess what?  This beauty trio is $19! I highly recommend this drug store find.  The improvement in my skin’s texture and the put-together look I get from slapping it on for my daily spf is outstanding!  I should have done a time lapse documentary of my face!  Happy shopping everyone!

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